Journey of a Full-Stack Developer: Hello World!

The digital hello from a full-stack developer.

Meet Insidious Fiddler, the code whisperer behind the screen.

10th Apr 2024



Welcome, digital wanderers! I’m the person behind the aliases Insidious Fiddler, Codycody31, and, when feeling extra techy, Skynet. Diving into the coding universe, I began chronicling my journey in November 2022, but the real story started in the coding trenches about a year prior.

Starting My Coding Symphony

My coding odyssey commenced in 2021, embarking on a voyage through the syntax sea and binary backwaters. I've commandeered projects for eclectic collectives like the "Flight Sim Historical Society," spinning up their digital hangar for file exchanges.

Polymorphic Skills Set

I juggle JavaScript, finesse with Golang, and have philandering affairs with PHP. My language agility is my superpower, swiftly transitioning between dialects of the digital domain (except for assembly, which remains an arcane script of olden wizards).

Beyond the Brackets

Beyond the cascade of curly braces and semicolons, I'm a Floridian full-stack developer with a passion for aviation and an itch for airsoft battles. My commitment to code is as spontaneous as it is serious—I leap at projects when boredom strikes, no matter how swamped I am.

Collaboration Call

If your mind is brewing with a project that needs a digital alchemist, ping me! My toolbox is overflowing with Go, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, Mongo, and MySQL, with occasional guest appearances by C++ and C#.

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Looking forward to many more commits, pushes, and successful builds. Until then, may your code compile and your brackets always close.